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Culture, Tratition and Heritage

The mythical properties of Agave make a unique, mature but soft drink, representing the invaluable cultural heritage and identity of Oaxaca. Its production includes endemic plants of the area, and the ancestral process that we follow is completely organic and handmade. In their drawing ancient Zapotec indigenous societies used techniques likes conical ovens covered with stone pebbles, which are preheated with firewood for cooking the agave.

This cooked agave milling is performed with Stone Tahoma and then it ferments in wooden tubs. Once fermented and distilled using copper or clay-based firing pots, that Mezcal has a smokey touch.

Since pre-Hispanic times this drink has had a great economic importance in the culture of many indigenous societies in Mexico. Its use was reserved for high indigenous politicians and religious ceremonies: nobles and priests only. Historical records indicate that the native people could drink mezcal only on special occasions.

Once released the ban imposed for the production of mezcal for the Spanish Crown, everybody enjoyed it. It is also very good to pair with the most universal dishes and even with very sophisticated gourmet food.

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