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Established in 1844 by a family of farmers and landowners in the Valles Centrales en Oaxaca, the Hacienda Carreño, had its leading role in the agave process for the production of mezcal, mainly impulsed by Apolonio Carreño and their teachers mezcaleros since the beginning of the 20th century; a tradition that is still alive at the present time by a third generation, that keeps the original ancestral process and projecting mezcal to the highest standards.

On the grounds of the Carreno family grow different varieties of agave, from the Mezcal from the Gift in honor of grandfather, sprat, Tobalá and Madre Cuishe varieties are used among other wild agaves; which after a double distillation create a sophisticated and elegant drink.

Mezcal Carreño

We’ve been cultivating the land for over 100 years

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